Friday, 21 March 2014

2014 - Encaustic

my new thing..................... Encaustics

I have been painting (well experimenting more like) all year with a Beeswax medium, encaustic paints (Beeswax medium and pigment), oil pastels and sticks (Sennelier being my favourite so far) and affordable Encaustic blocks.

As always when you learn something new, there is lots of money to be spent on new equipment for it.
Being a thrifty person by nature I tend to cut it down with a lot of research...

Heating the main component of encaustic is: you have to keep the wax in liquid form at somewhere between 65o and 100o Celsius, to paint with it, if it heats too much the wax gets damaged.

So far I managed:
  • an electric pot for making up the medium
  • an electric skillet for the plain encaustic medium (to keep the pan on it warm)
  • an electric griddle for all the colours and mixing, plus keeping the brush warm
  • several foldable encaustic (travel iron can do too, just make sure the temperature is adjustable) iron
  • several encaustic stylus and bits with it

more to follow, got to go to work unfortunately.............

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