Sunday, 20 April 2014

It wasn't meant to be easy, was it?

Phooooooooooooo.........., this is more difficult than watercolour

I have spent the last few weeks painting with Encaustic only to reject all, redo, over paint, melt and repaint. Most were not worth taking photos of, some are just turned against the wall for the moment....

here is a collage of the "Poppy" story
first issue was that this is a 60 x 80 x 2.1 cm board, and let me tell you, beware of going big, it changes enormously the way you can work in many ways
How much EM you need, how long the warmth keeps in the working container and simply just the surface to work on
My working space is restricted, and that did not help either

whatever I tried to achieve ended as visually not satisfying

by the way, the top middle photo, I think some of the wax mixed with the clay, hence the discolouring (I first thought it was not dry, and waited and waited, but it stayed this way)

Now I am waiting for a bit of light, so I can take a photo of, hopefully, the finishes picture

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