Saturday, 7 June 2014

this time with tissue background

with tissue background

background is tissue application melted in, covered with a thin almost transparent white layer,
chair cushion is tissue paper

I think this series is coming to it's end

again, it's a learning curve
an exercise of different applications and how to treat and apply the wax
trial of different brushes and how they work

Conclusion Brushes:

Hake brushes, they really work best for fine applications, for thinner layers,
less "droppy" drops (which have to be melted flat again), need less time to clear the surface with heat

---  against these, the cheapest Bristols work well for other things, like texture and playing
  • I cut them down to have few hairs left
  • cut them up for different effects, etc.
  • treat them badly for textures
they do leave a lot more wax behind though.................

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